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Welcome to the home of Flibbertigibbet BooksFLIBBERTIGIBBETBOOKS 10 600dpi Crop - Version 3, where manic minds run amuck and words are free to do their own dougie,

or do-se-do.

There are no rules in this the home of Flibbertigibbet Books. You won’t find grammar and spelling lessons here. It’s a wind-swept delta of thoughts, where no roads lead anywhere, but tend to bring you home.

So send me a word, a thought, a poem, a limerick, a rant. Fill it with pain or froth. Be poetic or pithy.

Embrace your inner gibbet (and Googlers: I don’t mean inner gallows or public scorn. Or maybe I do . . .)

Thanks for thinking,

Robyn T. Murphy

“.. though free to think and to act ~ we are held together like the stars ~ in firmament with ties inseparable ~ these ties cannot be seen but we can feel them ~ each of us is only part of a whole“ – Nikola Tesla


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