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Posts made in April, 2013

Fifty Shades of … huh?

4/10/13: Still no grey tie. 5/4/12  – So I finished reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.  While I couldn’t be happier for new author E. L. James  – and don’t begrudge her any one of her millions, or her newfound fame, I do understand her baffled look when she is questioned on the incredible sales and interest in her books. I’m not sure, also too...

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Fifty Shades of Pink

4/24/12 Picking up a copy of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, was like Regis Philbin buying crack with a bag of quarters. I slunk into Barnes and Noble, chosen for its size and the chance of an anonymous purchase. Collar up, I scoured the best selling racks, the fiction/literature section; the new authors stand. Nothing. I spied a woman in a smock with a name tag. But she was on lunch and...

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One Lump or Two?

My grandmother made me cups of tea in dainty flowered tea cups. Always with a matching saucer, these cups were no match for the macho coffee mugs that lined the desk in my college dorm. Tea time lasted all day at Nan’s house. Too early in the morning, the kettle’s obnoxious whistle would hail Round One. Nan measured the loose leaves carefully, (2 and ¼ spoons), then poured the hissing water...

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The Half-Ass Club

Still a member, fourteen years later. . . . Meeting an offbeat, grass-chewing southern boy, and driving in his spluttering convertible around the streets of Santa Monica, was a hoot. Kent was unconventional, irreverent and lived a plane ride away – the perfect escape, a no-obligation bonk.  In the first year together I bought him a belt, a wallet and a watch, items he had not used in...

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The Mouths of Babes

Should we write down those little things our children say? I would say put them in a time capsule for eternity, but most likely it is only the genetically linked who would consider them darling or funny. That said, there have to be some gems that would make any parent go “ah.” But I wasn’t so sure. So, last night I decided to troll through years of e-mails from and to my college...

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