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Nighty Nighty, Jama Jama!

NNJJ cover


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A bedtime book for busy minds.

A children’s treasure, NIGHT NIGHTY, JAMA JAMA! gently reinforces the delight of bedtime. When Michael suffers from bad dreams, he gets sleepy in school. One day, a lovely queen arrives at this classroom window and, in her rowboat, they float across the sky. With magic glasses, Michael sees children all over the world going to sleep, and hears their foreign bedtime traditions in the book’s rhyming text. When a frightening bird from his dreams becomes a surprising part of his journey home, Michale’s nighttimes are  transformed. Illustrated by Savannah Pritchett, age eight.

“The author creates an endearing, layered story, connecting children with children about the globe. Her daughter/illustrator captures the magic in this bedtime treasure, a story to be read again, and again.”
 — Regina Miller, Chief Development Officer, Geffen Playhouse, www.geffenplayhouse.com/education


IMG_0285I want to know! What are your bedtime rituals? Want to add to the list of  ‘goodnight’s in your native language? I’d love to hear from you! Send me a message, here.
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My first choice in Illustrators is always my daughter, Savannah, although she is not always available. Our first project together was NIGHTY NIGHTY JAMA JAMA!, when she was eight years old. The story was inspired by these guys:

Hoi An kids

Hoi An, Vietnam

.. who can smile and sleep, no matter what.

**Every foreign ‘good night’ scene in the book reflects a story from friends who grew up with their very own night-time traditions. Like Francisco, from Tijuana, who slept in a hammock; and friends from Italy, who said their rosary before bed. If there is any stereotyping in NIGHTY NIGHTY, JAMA JAMA!, you can blame my friends for going to sleep stereotypically.**

The illustrations started – with a little bribing, but not as much as you’d think – like this:



 Add a little color and computer magic with Denise Burkard, like so:

Denise Burkard

Some editing and laying out of book with Jan Camp of Arc Light Books, and:


Sweet Dreams!