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Confessions of a Serial Playdater

4/11/13: I have to laugh at my naivety. It only gets more complicated past age 4. ~~Confessions of a Serial Playdater – a Writing Mamas Blog By 2002 it had been 14 years since I was ‘fresh off the boat’ from Australia. Halloween was my favorite holiday, I ate pancakes with bacon, hosted a dog party, TiVo’d the Super Bowl, even registered for gifts. I was employed, acclimatized and...

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The Mouths of Babes

Should we write down those little things our children say? I would say put them in a time capsule for eternity, but most likely it is only the genetically linked who would consider them darling or funny. That said, there have to be some gems that would make any parent go “ah.” But I wasn’t so sure. So, last night I decided to troll through years of e-mails from and to my college...

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