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Celebration, and the Meaning of #stuffYouCanBuy

Celebration, and the Meaning of #stuffYouCanBuy
The Meaning of Stuff

Yesterday I had some time to waste while my daughter mastered front walkovers and back handsprings. I wandered around Home Depot and posted photos on Facebook, poking a little fun at #stupidStuffYouCanBuy, especially Christmas ‘stuff’. A pig of lights with a Santa vest, Santa-Yoda as a solar powered garden gnome – you know, anything to leverage the consumer-season’s temporary insanity. But the truth is, though I loathe shopping in general and I’m feeling a little Ebenezer this year, I admit: I grudgingly enjoyed the wayward thinking all around me. Watching a scarf-and-vested ‘I’m a Hollywood producer’-type fill his trolley with musical icicle lights, topped by a lighted six foot Santa-giraffe, gave me a lasting giggle. One humming shopper started singing the product labels to the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’ and it was seriously contagious. I found myself in the garden section singing ‘Chrysanth-em-ums, note resizednine-ninety-nine, note resizedthree for twenty-five.’

All this #stuffToBuy, is not cleaning up the planet, or feeding a child, but it denotes celebration. I don’t know that I like facebook_like_icon_thumb  that I liked facebook_like_icon_thumb it, but there it is. (Have to use those thumbs-up signs before they’re gone forever, sniff.)


The idea of celebration made me think of Ben, who dropped by to check out our new home in Australia many moons ago. Admiring the  double molding that framed the myriad of louvres, he commented, “I’m glad they bothered.”  That, to me, explains celebration. It’s nothing you have to do, it’s an extra touch, it’s … beyond the call of necessity. The extra molding was a celebration of craftsmanship, perhaps the builders celebrating their love of houses. I’m glad they bothered, too.

Made me go hmmm

On a recent plane trip, I pulled out my journal while noticing the little things women and young girls did with their hair. Then I blithely wrote myself into a puzzled corner, resulting in a long, bloated pause.
I thought, that’s a good question: What celebrates me?

Try and fill in the blank with what celebrates you. It’s an interesting exercise.

You’ll be glad you bothered.



*Ribbons braided into browns, blacks, reds, blondes and grays


                 the simple miracle of hair

*A door mat; hedges, flowers, trees, just so


                   the warmth and welcome of home

*Morning hugs, a patient ear and a table set


                   the honor of parenthood

*[blank ________________________ and blank]


                the simple miracle of me


[mine: teacups on a mountain summit]
[anyone know how to write upside down on a blogpost?]

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