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Beat, Splay, Shove ~~~ A New Year’s Resolution

Beat, Splay, Shove ~~~ A New Year’s Resolution

I don’t know about you, but I was pretty nice to 2013.

I went with the flow in January, a month as rude as the cold snap was long. I observed and unfolded as February flirted with the Oscars, and change. In breath; out expectation. Politely, I bowed to March, April, May. Grateful through summer, in the moment into fall. Through lay-offs and false starts, I was positively positive, aligned with the rise and fall of the days in the months. In November, I lingered, I did.

Whatever 2013

Yup, I gave it leeway, the benefit of the doubt; cut it some slack. But 2013, all it gave me was another December. It was indifferent. Actually, to be honest, 2013 was a real asshole.

airhockey-300x300Game On!

Two curious things happened yesterday. First, I played air hockey with my daughter when she was done with skiing for the day. Without thinking, I played to let her win. This led to a bored puck that limped side to side, often in the middle of the table where it was out of reach of both of our genetically short arms. Then, while I was trying not to think of the new inches of powder snow I was missing, my darling girl narrowed her eyes, and rammed that puck past my smarting finger and into the slot.

Yeah! (and ouch!), The game: was on.

As an aside, short arms, in my opinion, (and this opinion well-known to many long-armed friends) are evolutionarily superior – look out for my upcoming blog, ‘Evolutionary arm-shortening and custom bidets, a new movement’. Subhead: ‘Is manual bum-wiping falling between the cracks?’


Number Two

The second thing was a dream about Mr Squiggle. Mr Squiggle, in case you didn’t grow up with him as I did, was a dithery, good natured puppet who made art out of squiggles, but sometimes he didn’t. He made scribbles. On those rare moments, I wished Miss Jane would grab his pencil nose and finish the drawing, because I knew he could make art. But not when he dithered.

I woke up several times that night with aching fingers from the vicious game of air hockey we finally enjoyed. In between squiggle dreams, I could only think of the word dither. 2013, I realized, was the year of the dither. And 2013, it was clear, didn’t like me playing nice.

Through all this dreaming and waking, as I often do, I deconstructed the word in a completely non-etymological way. I was stuck on the ‘ither’ part of ‘dither’, and concluded that ‘dither’ was ‘de-ither’. By morning, I knew what I had to do to pick up my game in 2014. I had to learn to ither.

Say What?

You could say ‘ither’ is Scottish for ‘other’. Merriam and Wikipedia would agree. OR, you could, according to my dream-state logic, use antonyms for dither the verb, such as to plunge or dive; more interestingly: to decide, budge, stir, advance, continue. I like ither as a verb. It gives me permission to pound.

Yeah! Game on!

2014 NY resolution #1: ither
My definition of ither (v): to ram oneself into 
the upcoming year in a forthright and non-wavering 
manner. Which leads me to think: 

If linger is the extension of a thought 
or action, the follow-through; 
then ither is the swing of the bat, 
the push of pen on paper, the surge, 
the propulsion.

So I’ve got ithering covered, but what about being ‘in a dither‘? (a highly nervous, excited, or agitated state, says the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.)

Obviously, I want to be in an ither, not a dither. Merriam’s antonyms to dither (n) give me : a state of aplomb, calm, composure, equanimity, imperturbability, self-possession, tranquility’. Hmm. The verb ither is about aggressive motion but the noun ither describes a state of tranquility. Cryptic.

I can work with that.

2014 NY resolution #2: be in an ither

My definition of ither (n): to be in a state of tranquility while ithering.

So, watch out 2014!

I will likely continue to Eat, Pray, Love, but there’ll be no contemplation without quest, or meditation without motion. I probably won’t really Beat, Splay, Shove, but I will skip mull, mould and maneuver, and go straight to ithering, wherein I’ll ram and pummel the year into the shape I want. All while in an ither.


Happy New Year! My Wish for You

When you plunge, dive, decide, budge, stir, advance, continue, ram oneself into the upcoming year in a forthright and non-wavering, tranquil manner,

~~ play to win, and

~~~~~ make art out of squiggles.


 Mr Squiggle on U-Tube


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