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L, Late

L, Late

A2Z-BADGE-0002015-LifeisGood-230_zps660c38a0A day late, but there’s an ‘L’ to blame.

Blame Liane Moriarty.


The Husband’s Secret, by Liane Moriarty, is the perfect road trip companion. And I’m on one – a spontaneous road trip with my tween. Some light relief, quality time. And what a feeling driving away. I’ve always loved that. San Francisco to L.A. And back, I suppose. I would have blamed the road trip for the late post, but road trip doesn’t start with ‘L’.

The Story Begins

Light and breezy, it seems, with those characters you’ve gossiped about at the class parent get-together (you know you have), the story is like a reality television show without the cat fights (so far). By page 14, I am intrigued. Dark secrets hide beneath the chuckles. There’s a sealed envelope. A familiar feel to the stream of consciousness from Cecilia. And I have to know: what in the blazes is this husband’s secret? I picked up the book with the intent to read until I learn what is in the envelope, then get back to my blog. But no. Cecila Fitzpatrick has scruples. She analyzes every last possibility without opening the confounded thing. Liane Moriarty is going to make me wait!

Page 134 (and I'm still waiting)

And now I’m invested in Tess’s new life after such a painful betrayal, and Rachel’s healing, and how the heck she will go on without her grandson. Obviously their lives will cross and eventually Cecilia will learn her husband’s mysterious intent.

There’s a chance she’ll decide not to open the letter. Silent scream!

There’s a chance we’ll stay another night on this road trip to give me some reading time, and there’s a chance A to Z Challenge Blogs ‘M’ and ‘N’ will be tardy as I curse Liane Moriarty for creating a finely balanced web of heartstrings I can’t bear to abandon.




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