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Little Pieces of Extraordinary

Little Pieces of Extraordinary
Life begins now, no, now, wait . . . now.

Meditation calmed my brain after the slam to my head, now five months ago. The rabid mental slideshow that exhausted my whole self finally slowed, but I’m left, strangely, with two words that follow me around, reign in my grandiose thoughts and make me groan.
Think small.
For me that means: finish that manuscript, instead of imagining the Oprah interview. It means detail. Ugh. But I love to live at the finish line. The Secret says: imagine you are already living the life you want, Buddha says: be still. So still I am, future Pulitzer in hand; positive mantras aplenty, gargantuan dreams float in and out like manna. And yet there they are, those pesky words – think, and small.

Little Things

The little things – I’ve heard they count. I’ve heard that a lot lately from those who seem to live seriously large. So these little things – they stack together somehow to make a life – a small, or extraordinary, life. But how does that work? What is the glue or the energy between them and how do I link them in a way that brings my inner and outer worlds in balance while living my best life. Yes, I am, officially, Oprah’s biggest fan.

I’ve long-pondered the step beyond being ‘in the moment’ (you can wring your brain out in my former posts: Linger and Weird, Random Thoughts) and it seems my personal quest – understanding the space between the moments – continues, with the idea of thinking small. Here’s today’s thought: Plotting Moments – brought to you by 40 minutes on the elliptical, which means 40 minutes of Bloomberg television.

Life Graph

The line on a graph links plot points, making a shape, taking a direction, it leaves an inscription in the form of a line. The points define the shape of the graph, the line through the plot points gives it form. Right. So imagine that the plot points are the times we find ourselves, when we are mindful, aware, awake to the happenings inside and out. Join those points, those moments, and the line is a life that matches our inner journey. If we are not mindful, not in the moment, we create no plot point, we leave no trace. (Collective gasp.)

Plotting Today

I like to trace a line through the air in those rare moments of presence – in a yoga salutation for example. It says – I am here I am here now here and look I was there and now I am here. This is how I want to make a meaningful life. Make dots on the graph of life, be in the detail of every moment. Then, the enigmatic function – link the dots.

This is what I plan, this one small day, with all my brain-fragmented worries. Today I will think small. Make each little detail a dot on a graph, a plot point moment. Then, somehow, I will trace a line through every moment. And then, I’ll get back to you.

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