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Oh Where Oh Where

Oh Where Oh Where

Oh where, oh where has my little blog gone?


Oh how you’ve missed me. What happened to that blitherous blog? you say to yourself repetitively, rocking in the corner with your unkept hair and halitosis. Well don’t worry, I’m back, and here are the culprits for my rude silence. ¬†As you will see, it was not my fault.


Seven Completely Valid Reasons for Not Blogging

1. NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – I know, what was I thinking? It’s the last day, and I have 10K to go)

– procrastination-Accelerator

2. Kauai

– care-less Incubator

3. Major life crisis

Рsleep Annihilator 

4. Tween hormones (not mine obviously, that’s another topic)

– can’t-write-that Side Swiper

5. 7992 blog/post spam messages

– delete-athon Time Waster

6. Daughter’s holiday homework

– patience Ingester

and lastly, but not leastly,

7. “Research”, aka google gone wild
– brain Infiltrator

(incidentally, Wikipedia says that the nursery rhyme/tune ‘Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone?’¬†originated from the German “Der Deitcher’s Dog”, or “Oh Where, oh Where Ish Mine Little Dog Gone” in which there is adulation for lager and sausages. Mm hm. And when pondering sausages and a lost dog, the author concludes,

“Dey makes un mit dog und dey makes em mit horse,
I guess dey makes em mit he.”

Gotta love those twisted nursery rhymes.)

~~Until next time~~

Now go take a shower.



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