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Time Won’t Tell, a poem

Time Won’t Tell, a poem
Not frozen, not thawed
Here, waits in line behind
Rushed and Hustled
In time
     I would say
On schedule

Settles in for tea
     with Contented 
     no, Complacent
     and Now
In no time
It’s time enough
And Here unleashes an unruly
     hissy fit
Truly, transformatively,
     spits the dummy

Devours your guests in a hurry of teeth and limbs
Then melts to couch and cushion

Leaving only tea leaves
     An open door
     A motley queue
Longing, Reminiscence and their friend
What’s there to do
but invite them for dinner

Hoping they have other plans
But knowing
     you’d rather not
     eat alone


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