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X, eXtemporaneous

X, eXtemporaneous
Had to re-post this one, from 2013. 
+ I'm eXhausted by this a to z blog challenge.

A2Z-BADGE-0002015-LifeisGood-230_zps660c38a0I climb in bed knowing I’ve volunteered to write 2-300 words for the Write on Mamas A-Z Blog Challenge.

In the almost-asleep realm that is half-thinking and half-dreaming, I hear the familiar Seinfeld riff.

And I am Jerry Seinfeld, on set, reading a directorial note from Larry David. In one minute I have to ad-lib a stand-up segment on a letter – but I can choose only from J, K or X, as all the other letters are taken.

When I look up, I am on-stage in jeans and a blazer, in front of a live studio audience with cameras rolling.
I put on my best not-even-trying-not-to-smile face.

” . . . and I said, well, you know, J and K – I understand why they didn’t get chosen. But X? What’s wrong with X? X is nothing like Q. Q is all needy and pathetic, with U next to him all the time. X – he stands on his own, brings his own lunch, shows up on time. Why shun the X?

“And look at R. R is all high and mighty – you know, “restricted” movies, “Rated R”. Fuh! X is all over that. X doesn’t even need to stand for anything, and he still trumps R.

“X is a kiss. In fact, X is hot – a Roman ten – and you know those Romans! In Australia, you put four X’s together and you’ve got a can of beer.

“And he’s a team player. When X gets together with E, things get interesting. Ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, ex-pelled. That’s a lot of material!”

And I have them in the palm of my hand.

“If I was a letter, I’d be an X. Think about it: Give it a couple of numbers and it multiplies!
It’s a really cool chromosome that you don’t want to argue with. Once, it had it’s own files; It’s got its own factor; it’s own ray . . . its own Generation for Pete’s sake. Not to mention the whole marking-the-spot thing.

“There’s just no good reason . . . to shun the X.”

“It’s a take!” someone yells.

In the almost-awake realm that is half-dreaming and half-thinking, I hear Larry David tell me,

“That was pret-ty ** pret-ty ** good.”


Robyn T. Murphy is an Xpat from Australia, a Gen X-er, who finds writing an Xcellent medium for her tendency to Xaggerate. She writes and ruminates in Xquisite Marin county. You can find her at (here) at www.robynTmurphy.com


© Robyn T. Murphy


  1. Awesome post – and by this late in the challenge you are totally allowed to be Xhausted. Thanks for sharing!

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