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Y, whY Blog?

Y, whY Blog?

A2Z-BADGE-0002015-LifeisGood-230_zps660c38a0I am so grateful for this articleThe Value of Writing Programs: On Why I Don’t Have an M.F.A., by Hannah Gersen. WhY? Because today I was going to spend my second-last day of the A to Z Blog Challenge talking about whY I blog, whY I don’t generally ‘promote’ it, whY people write, and at what point should we declare ourselves, ‘Writers’.

And really, Hannah Gersen says it all. If you write, it’s worth the read. The takeaway? Write because you write, study writing and reading and art because you want to. It’s a privilege you don’t have to feel guilty about. But if you’re a writer, you probably will (feel guilty).

This thought frenzy was prompted by a tweet linked to this articleWhy Writers Love to Hate the M.F.A. Tweeter, @sternbergh comments, “Not sure if MFA can make you a writer but it definitely prepares you for a lifetime of arguing over validity of MFAs.” Funny guy.

Me, Me all about Me

I’m grateful because I have only to add my own personal imagery.

And I’m tired from the A to Z’ness of the last 24 letters, and feeling a little self-indulgent.

My Sappy Metaphor for My Writing Life

I set off on a familiar hike into the world of writing. Then I took a turn. I didn’t say a wrong turn. I took a turn and got lost. Part of me wished I’d stayed home. It’s true, I could have gone back to take the path marked on the map in my pack. I tried. But life gave me enough trail-blocking boulders and flash floods to propel me along the writing path. I’m still trekking. The terrain is unknown and the destination unclear, but I’m sure to find views that exceed any I’ve seen on my regular hike. Right?

MFA? Not yet. I’ve not made a red cent from writing. I don’t intend on promoting my blog far and wide (or inserting contextual links for SEO, as my spam advises). But I do have a graduation moment:

At the point I turned my back on the path behind me, and took a terrified step into new terrain, I became . . . A Writer.


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blogs and congrats on the finish line. LOVE your site. I am a PEACE FREAK so I love your site !

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